DTX Airdrop on PulseChain

Eligible Participants:
✅ Pulsechain Sacrificers
✅ PulseX Sacrificers
✅ HEX Stakers
✅ HEX holders

❌ No wallet signature required
❌ No social media required

Join the Airdrop

Step 1) Your Wallet address

Step 2) Choose Eligibility Criteria

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Token Airdrop details
Please note that tokens will be credited into a smart contract, from which you will have to manually claim the rewarded tokens. You will get to choose to claim into wallet, or into a locked time-deposit stake.

Sacrifice Phase

Airdrop distribution date
The airdrop is estimated to occur roughly 4 weeks after Pulsechain launch.

Warning: Do not try to cheat the system by using your own referral. Cheaters will instead of receiving a bonus, receive nothing ❌

Empowering the Pulsechain Ecosystem
Earn DTX time deposits(CDs)

Innovative Staking Features

DecentralizeX Features

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

DecentralizeX Features

100% working, audited code. Production-ready

Staking Features (Playlist)

Governance Features (Playlist)