DecentralizeX Tech & protocol overview

Security audit
Please note that the protocol was developed as XVMC protocol and the code is licensed by us(illegal to replicate - BSL license). We are launching the protocol on Pulsechain as DecentralizeX.

Security audit:

Github repository: source code

Protocol design
Please note that this site("tech") is still being updated. You can view the protocol structure in the scheme below. If you have a question you can ask directly on telegram.

Inflation bugs are the most common exploits in cryptocurrencies. We solve the problem by using probably the most secure contract in the history of cryptocurrencies(the masterchef). Masterchef handles the inflation. And we use a set of contracts that basically decentralize the masterchef and create our own consensus mechanism. The stakers with time-deposited stakes get to govern and can upgrade the protocol in a decentralized manner.
All of the best security practices are used in the contract code. Re-entrancy guards, safe-transfer ERC20 wrappers, etc.... It has an extremely modular design allowing upgrades and additions to the protocol without impacting the core of the system.

The "Governing" contract collects the "taxes"(portion of inflation), as well as penalties from prematurely ended stakes. And the "Governor" is collectively owned by the stake-holders and can control any part of the system.